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Getting listings is the #1 challenge facing real estate agents today.

And with uncertainty from the pandemic & the threat of Zillow taking over real’s getting harder to chase leads (not to mention, more expensive to buy them!).

Good news is, you can ATTRACT leads and get more listings & sales FAST...if you knew the BEST way to do that.

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Here are Just Some of the Things You’ll Discover...
The MAGIC to beat Zillow once and for you no longer have to be afraid of this online giant running you out of business.
How to use this simple but POWERFUL tool (that’s literally right at your fingertips) to become unforgettable to people, so you become not just any agent...but their go-to agent.
The easy yet insanely effective thing that you can do for only 3 MINUTES every day to fire up your lead generation.
The 4 KEYS to Breaking Lazy and Beating Burnout:. Learn how to create daily habits that will fuel your energy and sharpen your focus for maximum confidence and productivity (even when you’re working from home).

Kevin Ward

YesMasters Head Coach

Kevin started selling real estate in May 1998 and has been full-time ever since as an agent, broker, owner, team leader or coach. He founded YesMasters in 2012.

Kevin’s approach to coaching is personal, holistic, no B.S., and for “PROS ONLY…amateurs not allowed.”

He believes that true success means winning in every domain of your life, (Finances, Family/Friends, Fitness, Feelings, Focus, Faith, and Fun).

His passion is leading agents on a transformational journey to success and true greatness…both through his coaching and by setting the example with his own ongoing growth including having several coaches for himself.

When Kevin isn’t coaching he loves hanging out with his wife, Julie (who happens to be the CEO of YesMasters), traveling, chasing his dreams, and sailing on his yacht.

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